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Have fun in being a ninja, demon, and so much more! Live anyway you want and make a future in order to survive!
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 Updates for Seken!

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Age : 35
Location : Wouldn't it be best for you to find out on your own?

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PostSubject: Updates for Seken!   Updates for Seken! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 31, 2013 9:43 pm

Greetings everyone. I am the moderator of this site and since there is no Update topic posted yet I figured I would go ahead and post one. ('I of course asked for permission') so it is okay. The site looks good and all and the only thing that is missing is members.

I would like to see people come on and give this site a try. It is easy and fun with all the things you can make and or add. Combat stats are fun to make. Come up with crazy skills of your own when you fight against another friend or hell anyone. I of course mean to tell everyone who gives this site a try a increase in Health points as well as skill points. Hell! I am generous enough to let you make as many skills as you want....it is allowed of course from the very start.

Make your own car or house! Live as someone rich or average. Go to school, make your own job, and make a future you can survive in. This site is opened for many suggestions, want to add something? Ask! We all have opened minds here! The more people who come on the best looking site this will be! I like people, I want to meet new people! I like people. Just in case you forgot?

I'm a decent guy. Madara is nice but quiet. Akira is fun! Hell, I love that kid! Marcelle...I think that is her name? I believe she is nice. XD Aster is a WHACK' O! I met him in person and he is a odd ball that is full of fun! Kyuzo....is a amazing guy for coming up with this site and letting us be the first to come on a try it! I of course don't want to hog anything.

The only update that I can think of? Is that we are open for all new people who want to try this site out? Ask me or Kyuzo and we can give you some extra points in health and skill to help you out. While you are at it. Make your skills and special abilities to even weapons. Limit....2 per person. Then again, we all love weapons and we may change that?

So, what are you waiting for guys? Come on in!

Sincerely, your mod.

Updates for Seken! Sephiroth_signature_by_papkapapka-d4r8xgo

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Kyuzo Mamoru
Kyuzo Mamoru

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Location : Seken, where else? Yosh!

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PostSubject: Re: Updates for Seken!   Updates for Seken! I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 05, 2013 12:06 am

I for one apologize for not being on these past few days, things have been pretty busy on my end and I can see that my friends are also busy as well. Hopefully, they will return and everyone will come back on and have fun. Gomenosai, is what I really mean to say. You all are important to me, we all are friends and kind of family right? XD I will come on as much as I can and I hopefully will drag everyone back on here. Trust me...I will!

Sayanora for now, and please keep checking up on this site!


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Updates for Seken!
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