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Have fun in being a ninja, demon, and so much more! Live anyway you want and make a future in order to survive!
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 Amberden, Marcelle

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Marcelle Amberden

Marcelle Amberden

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PostSubject: Amberden, Marcelle    Amberden, Marcelle  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 11:49 am

Lost World of Seken


Name: Marcelle Violet Amberden

Amberden, Marcelle  Selvaria_Anime_2

Race: Crusnik
Age: 20 (300)
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): White rose
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: None (wealthy background)

Student or Resident: Resident


Eye Color: Ruby red
Hair Color: Ash grey/silver (when wet)
Hair Style(s): Normally kept in it's long fashion, but she does like to change it every so often so this is subject to the day and her mood
Skin Tone: Alabaster white
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143
Marking(s): Marcelle has a scar on her upper arm just two inches below her shoulder
Attire: Being rich Marcelle shows a great sense in fashion, she tries very hard to keep up with today but often finds herself back tracking to 17th century dresses when she gets the chance.


Personality: Marcelle, being a woman of the high class, acts with class. She is openly polite, as a lady should be. With her top par manners and high social status, she has earned the title "White rose of the Amberden clan" shortened to "White rose" often. But as roses are lovely, so too do they come with many thorns. This rose is by no stretch of the imagination any exception. For while she does act like a lady, Marcelle is dark and sinister.
Her very presence has been known to silence an entire room filled with people. Even the smile on her face has sinister intent written behind it. Marcelle cares for little, her family being one of the few she does. Her family is very closely knit, and Marcelle is very fond of most of them, excepting her older brother who she finds quite irritating. Respect and honor play a very large role in the play of her life. Though Marcelle in battle is fierce and ruthless, even seeming to enjoy the pain of her victims, she will not kill without a proper fight. No honor, and no fun in the hunt without a good fight.
Towards the lower class Marcelle is very bitter. An A class snob, she will not even look twice at a peasant and detests how her father and brother treat them as "equals". While Marcelle loves and respects her father, his actions are often very questionable in her eyes. Marcelle speaks openly, as telling lies is a horrible habit that a lady should not practice. Though, with her scathing tongue and often bitter attitude this often does more harm then good. Her temper is by no means something to fiddle with, as even the slightest disrespect can send her into a rampage. Marcelle is, in short, a polite, chillingly sinister, and sharp tongued woman who will not stop until she has what she wants.
Talent(s): Playing the harp and piano, painting
Habit(s): Keeping random objects in her pockets (IE: paper clips, rubber bands, dice) and fiddling with them when bored.
Like(s): Blood, classical music, food, wine, battle, intelligent conversation, reading
Dislike(s): Her older brother, the lower class, being still for too long, seaweed, the colors green and pink, being talked down to, ignorance
Fear(s): Lightning (actual lightning not thunder or the bright light, she fears being struck down mid-flight), cats (filthy beasts! Naturally the dog is better!)

Preference(s): Marcelle seeks a man with intelligence, someone she may hold conversations with. Of course he also must be very strong if he even dreams of being able to handle her. A man who understands her limits as well, she may be loyal once she finds someone but she needs time to herself and she needs someone who understands that. Little nit picks she enjoys are: dark hair, tall men, and being unorthodox (romance is pointless to her, she is able to see half of these things coming and likes being surprised).
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unskilled (No man has been able to handle her for that long)
Status: Single


Fighting Style(s): Swordsmanship, close combat (mostly with her fangs)

Weapon Type: Rapier - Crusniks may summon weapons from their own blood, Marcelle wields a long, deep-red rapier she may summon at will.
Secondary Weapon: Fangs
Armor/ Defense Attire: None (Too cumbersome, and what fun is battle if you have no wounds to show of your struggle?)

Element: Fire

Special Ability: None

Luggage: Random objects in her pockets, credit cards and cash (hidden well)


Guardian(s): Father- Zaine Amberden (Living) Mother - Patricia Amberden (Deceased)
Sibling(s): Older brother - Alexander (AKA Moron) Twin younger sisters - Octavia and Belle (Identical, except for a birthmark on Belle's neck)
Hometown: Bristol, England
Birthdate: May 20th

History: Bristol was experiencing a very stormy Spring that year. The skies had just opened up over the rich province when Patricia, loving wife to Zaine, brought their second child into the world. The first son Alexander was roughly the human age of nine when his sister Marcelle was born. Father fawned over her the minute he saw her, as did Alexander. Even if the at the very first moment she saw him she smacked his nose so hard he saw stars he swore to protect her. It was his duty as her brother. Zaine also swore to give her everything she ever needed, and it began right away. From the time she was a mere year old Zaine gave her everything. More clothes then she could wear by the time she would out grow them, toys galore, and he always made time for her. As she grew, this proved to be a bit bothersome to her.
Marcelle went through intense training, both in combat and in her manners. The young lady picked up very quick how to walk, how to eat, how to speak, how to dress, and lived this life to it's fullest. Marcelle made it look easy when in reality it was the most intense work of her life. Being immortal, she had all the time in the world to learn. Combat also came quickly once she was able to summon and properly hold her rapier at will. By the time she was the mortal age of ten she had learned a significant amount. But still she learned, tactics changed very often, new battle strategies came into play. It never seemed to end.
And that was how Marcelle liked it. The challenges satisfied her greatly, and the outcome often was very delightful as well. Her mother was soon with child again - or rather children. Patricia gave birth to identical twins, and unlike Alexander Marcelle loved her baby sisters very much. The two were slower learners then Marcelle was but she began to help them along the way. As the four aged they grew closer in different ways. Alexander loved his sisters, Marcelle loved the twins but wished to punch Alexander in the face again, the twins loved their older siblings and each other. The family was very close.
And the closer the family, the harder tragedy strikes. Mother Patricia fell deathly ill, and died in her sleep three months later. Zaine went through a crisis, and in a spur of the moment act moved the entire family from Bristol to their second home in Kanemochi. Marcelle stayed, her father needed her more then ever now with mother gone. She took charge, and has been at the helm ever since. Now her own adult, and having lived in Seken for nearly fifty years, Marcelle looks at her life. What now is all that crosses her mind as of late, and hopes to find the answer soon.
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Kyuzo Mamoru
Kyuzo Mamoru

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PostSubject: Re: Amberden, Marcelle    Amberden, Marcelle  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 7:39 pm

Yosh! She looks good to go! XD Approved!
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Amberden, Marcelle
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