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Karevik Heuloix

Karevik Heuloix

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PostSubject: Heuloix, Karevik    Heuloix, Karevik  I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 05, 2013 1:26 am

Lost World of Seken


Name: Karevik Heuloix

'When he was Nineteen'

Heuloix, Karevik  Tumblr_lordgnlToL1ql229o


Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): 'Knight', 'Fang', and 'Nigel'.
Sexual Orientation: Undetermined. Doesn't know what he wants.
Occupation: Blacksmith

Student or Resident: Resident


Eye Color: Deep Blue
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Style(s): Use to be long, now it is short and styled to where it is easy to keep up with.
Skin Tone: Healthy Complextion and natural skin tone.
Height: 6'3
Weight: 160 pounds.
Marking(s): A scar in between his eyes when he was on services.
Attire: Quite a punk-ish attire which fits his looks and body figure. All of his clothes hug tightly on him due to him always putting on small sizes, however he does wear small sizes of shirts and jackets to even his pants. Karevik really isn't a guy who sees anything to snug or uncomfortable due to him always wearing clothes like this. Quite cool looking is his other attire, he isn't ashamed in what he wears and thus wears it with pride. Due to him being a blacksmith is he skilled enough in making sure his clothes don't become stained. As one sees him everyday, he comes to wear different stuff just about everytime.


Personality: A mature individual who works hard and tries his very best to accomplish certain goals. Distance is his middle name but only slightly, he is very mature and sees others that he does not know as someone very childish. Due to him being a blacksmith will he do the job well and has been known to not complain much. Since he isn't much of a talker will he just listen to other people from time to time, other times will he speak his mind in hopes of helping others with his wise but mature advice. Friends have been known to see different sides of him, he has been known to smirk around his friends and at times talk a little bit more. To those he cherish will they see a whole 'new' side to him.

Karevik can also be bossy and at times be easy to make mad due to the simple fact that people annoy him way to quickly. This is a flaw that he is kind of still working on. Oftenly than most, some people have called him mysterious since they do not know him.
Talent(s): Making weapons and shields, First-aid expert, Simple cook-'makes decent ranked foods', and a expert wielder.
Habit(s): Bossy, tends to be way to perfect in his work and tries to be entirely perfect in his work field.
Like(s): Making weapons and shields, Drinking coffee, Reading, Improving on his knowledge, friends, his cherished ones, rock music, working, and at times taking time off.
Dislike(s): Annoying people, those who are childish, bratty kids, fights for stupid reasons, vermin-'animal or otherwise.', and not having coffee.
Fear(s): Losing his friends or cherished ones, and going into war again.

Preference(s): Another mature individual regardless of gender, someone who wants to help him with his job, and very energetic. Favorite colors- 'Blue and grey'.  
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unskilled.
Status: Single.


Fighting Style(s): Simple combat with hands, using a weapon, and distant attacker.

Weapon Type: Gunblade. Half gun/ Half sword.
Secondary Weapon: His Element
Armor/ Defense Attire: None.

Element: Ice

Special Ability: Ice User- 'Uses his ice from his hands to launch attacks or freeze over areas. Has been known to use it when he is blacksmithing.'

Luggage: A simple one strapped back that one puts over his shoulder and lets it hang behind his back. 'Only wears it when he travels to change his view point on things. Aka- goes camping'


Guardian(s): Grandfather. Thomas Duane. Uncle. Casy Jr. Step-mother. Aya Erinsworth.
Sibling(s): None.
Hometown: Palestrina, Rome.
Birthdate: August 10th.

History: 'What Karevik looks like now.'
Heuloix, Karevik  D012_Squall_CG

You know, life is alot harder than one thinks.
It isn't about doing one thing and becoming great...
One has to be able to make a choice in keeping something or losing something.
A warrior has to make this choice often.
It is the factor to keep things in balance...

Why must that be so?
How do we know the choice we make is the right one.
What if it is the wrong one.
We just don't know...

A bright future lays ahead for those who are born worthy, if one isn't born worthy then that future fades. Why must we try so hard to accomplish the impossible? A future is what we all seek but we can not touch it. As cruel as it sounds. That is life. A brutal beginning happened to a young fellow who was brought up in Palestrina, Rome.

Laughter reached the ears of the parents, many kids played in a field or on the playground. It was one of those simple choices that made the young child so different from the rest. Sitting alone on the bench along with his uncle did he keep himself away from the other common children. "Casy?", asked a soft spoken child with his eyes watching the others so curiously. "What is it, Nigel?", responded a manly voice from his uncle. A man who had side burns and tattoos over his arms, one always did say body paint was a clear sign of something wrong or had been wrong. Casy was a man who was in jail for quite a long time, apparently he had done some wrong that Karevik did not understand. Actually, his uncle tried not to say to much of what he had done. It was the same as the information about the childs parents. "Why am I so different?", a sad voice rang from the boy who looked down ashamed of his difference. "You aren't different, you have a choice to go with them and play. If ya want?", Casy lightly laughed with his head back. A clear smoke smell was evident and from Casy's lips was there a cigar, dark brown hair and emerald eyes shined in a kind but fatherly way. "...No. They may not like me...", responded the child who looked to his uncle with a unsure look on his face.

This was when it happened...
Karevik was raised by Casy Jr. who was his uncle, the uncle of his father who was never spoken much like his mother. The child knew his mother was kind and gentle, he also knew that his father was a strong man who made the most of hard choices. Again, the child heard about them and grew to believe their words. Casy Jr. was pretty much like a father to Karevik, he ran a simple shop which put together metals and combined certain materials. Rome was a place that the child grew up in, a small but lively city where many lived happily and some even met their dreams.

Thomas was a Grandfather of Karevik, the elderly man was a skilled craftsman who knew his stuff and had experience. Living with his uncle and grandfather did the child learn from well raised people, however Casy Jr. was more of a model than his grandfather. School was a place that brought discomfort to the child though he still went. Another choice was given then. Casy Jr. asked him if he wanted to leave school entirely and decide to work in his shop. Karevik thought this out but shook his head, again the choice was made and it was made in hopes of making Karevik strong.

As time went by did the child meet Aya, who was his step-mother. She was a kind lady who had a knack for cooking and cleaning. Her black hair and blue eyes shined like the dark sky with stars within them. She played with Karevik and at times helped him with his homework, she was smart and she was motherly. Again, no words were spoken of his parents and as time went by slowly did he decide to forget about it. Another choice that he made by himself. Karevik was five and before you knew it, he was now turning fourteen and was now enrolling in High School. Becoming a freshman did he relive his time when he was in normal elementary school. Discomfort set in, but he still went regardless in how he felt. All three of his family gave him support and at times gave him a shoulder to lean on.

Summer break happened and that was when he enrolled in a private school, a military school which enrolled young men and women in hopes of making there country a safe one. Casy Jr. was beyond impressed and actually grew proud, a fatherly type of proud that a father could give to their son. That was probably one of the right choices that Karevik had made, though some did question him due to his young age at the time. This school taught him everything that he needed to know as well as helping him out and training him for the fights ahead. This was probably when he had met Lark, a girl who was distant and afraid. She was entirely afraid of her new surroundings, they were all going on a journey into a secret base that resided on the far side of Rome. Karevik became close to her, all due to her following him around and trying to get to know him. Friendship formed and then something else formed. The something else was hard to explain due to Karevik not knowing...

"Knight!", yelled a happy Lark who ran up to him. It was hard to believe it had been five years. Becoming nineteen and still being in this so called services was actually a great choice for Karevik. Stopping in his stops and placing his hands on his hips did he watch this young but lively young women running up to him. "What is it?", a voice which was soft spoken but held a masculine touch to it responded to her as she stopped infront of him and was now handing him her closed together hands. "Happy delayed birthday!", Lark happily declared which got quite a reaction from Karevik who was shocked and grateful. "...Thank you.", kindly responded Karevik who placed his hands softly under hers. A cold but heavy feeling was placed in his hands, it was then that it was a necklace. A lion looking necklace. "What is...?", Karevik looked to it and then to her who was smiling. "A lion necklace! Since I call you Knight I figured I would get you something that resembled a symbol on a flag! Do you like it?", Lark tilted her head up at him as she continued to smile. A kind smile reached his lips as he nodded, and then the two of them hugged.

This feeling was new to Karevik, how should he choose his option on this? Friendship was a fragile thing and it was clear that Lark had special feelings for him. They were together for five more weeks until the first calling into battle was made. Karevik and Lark were seperated as they both went into battle. Strong was his name, and pure was his heart did he go about attacking his enemy. A mistake happened, and he was hurt. Awaking in a clinc did he blink a few times, sitting up in bed did he notice that he was off of the battlefield. Here he had thought he had died. Doctors and many other injured made way into his sight, a cut had happened in between his eyes and surpisingly enough it did not damage his eyesight. He fully recovered in a months time.

Karevik was then declared a Captain of his division, at a young age was this clearly a honor. Taking the promotion did he decide to continue on his journey into the battlefield, the fight lasted another month before it was over. Lark was never mentioned due to him not knowing on what had happened to her. Worried as he was, he knew he had to continue forward. It was then that he was released from the services and was set free to do as he pleased. Which he had done. Opening a blacksmith shop here, did he go about making his choice on starting a new but relaxed life. Casy Jr stays in contact with him from the phone much like his step-mother and grandfather do.

Changing his looks and becoming a much more experienced man did he work in his shop for seven years. Before the sixth went into the seventh did he find out about Lark, she was married to a man in France and they both had two children. Not knowing what he should do did he leave alone, however he still cherishes that necklace she had gotten him before they had went into battle.

Choices made one stronger.
Oftenly at times, can it also make you weaker.
If one had too, they would change the future.
But in doing so, would they never meet the people who had came into their life...

Karevik was named 'Fang' due to his designs in his weapons and shields, for they all look nice and sharp much like a fang from a animal. Not once does he regret his choices, if anything it was due to those choices which had led him here. If anyone had to choose to change something, they wouldn't. Things happen for a reason and once they happen does everyone look up and decide that probably it was for the best. No one knows what they really want and at times like that does it remind everyone that they are normal. Everyone is normal...

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PostSubject: Re: Heuloix, Karevik    Heuloix, Karevik  I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 1:51 am

I gotta admit, this is the best damn looking App I have ever seen! Forgive me and my French! XD I am glad I get to approve this...


Sincerely, Your Mod- Lucien

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