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Have fun in being a ninja, demon, and so much more! Live anyway you want and make a future in order to survive!
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 Mamoru, Kyuzo

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Kyuzo Mamoru
Kyuzo Mamoru

Posts : 303
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Age : 28
Location : Seken, where else? Yosh!

Character sheet
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PostSubject: Mamoru, Kyuzo   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:11 am

Lost World of Seken


Name: Kyuzo Mamoru

Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Kyuzo-kun
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Owner of a Bar

Student or Resident: Resident


Eye Color: Light Oak Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style(s): Short, his hair has always been short and styled to look good and clean.
Skin Tone: Normal Peach Colored.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 166 pounds.
Marking(s): Kyuzo has a scar on both of his wrists to a scar on the side of his waist.
Attire: Normal attire that would fit well to any man, normally he will wear western styled clothes that are seen from over seas and sometimes he will wear clothing that looks like he works in a bar much like the picture above. His attire is pretty simple and he usually picks clothes that are comfortable and he tries to stay in fashion, though he could care less in the new styles. Kyuzo adores simple styles and would not have it any other way. Most of his clothes are comfortable, though he does dress up for special occasions to even wearing a normal long sleeve shirt of white and black baggy pants to bed.


Personality: Kyuzo Mamoru is a mature man who likes his job and enjoys serving different people, usually he is alright to talk too. However, he does have a temper and is not afraid to share it to people. Easy to make mad, you have to watch out what you say to him. Other than that he is a decent guy who is silent and likes to listen to different peoples conversations. Caring though he doesn't want to admit it, he is a kind man who would want to do anything for his friends though making friends with him is quite hard. On a side note, he can be cute and some call him a cute 'drunk' since he is more opened and would love to do anything as bad as it sounds. Kyuzo likes to put up a tough guy act though he is caring and some what sensitive.
Talent(s): Cooking, Cleaning, Hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, and repairing clothes.
Habit(s): Smoking, Drinking, and easy to make mad.
Like(s): Cooking, talking with friends, sitting around, laying under the shade, eating rice, and being with his special someone.
Dislike(s): Rude people, rude or mean kids, seeing his friends sad, seeing his lover sad, and snakes.
Fear(s): Being left alone or being betrayed.

Preference(s): Kyuzo likes cute men to women, he also likes someone who can cook, and wants to help him with every little thing. Someone who he can trust, and someone who likes to spend time with him.
Skilled/ Unskilled: Though, he reads about these things is he some what unskilled.
Status: Single


Fighting Style(s): Hand to hand combat, kick-boxing, and boxing.

Weapon Type: His fists
Secondary Weapon: His feet
Armor/ Defense Attire: None.

Element: Earth

Special Ability: Super strength, kind of like the hulk though he can't go overboard with it due to it probably hurting him. With a temper like his though, it can not be avoided. Kyuzo lashes out from time to time, but he is trying to get that under control.

Luggage: Kyuzo only has one thing and that is a backpack that he carries with him.


Guardian(s): Mother and Father, does not know where they are. Kyuzo could care less, if they are okay then that is all that matters to him.
Sibling(s): Rinkage Mamoru. She is with his parents and are doing good from what he understands, though he misses his sister.
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: December 2nd

History: As normal as it sounds, Kyuzo grew up normally like all of the kids though he grew up way to fast and became mature when he was 13. Studying in school was not hard for him, he actually passed his classes quite well. Going into high school though did this change, he got in with the wrong crowd and did things that got him in trouble. However, he found out that this wasn't good for him and thus left his old friends and made new ones. After a while did he pass high school and now has become a adult today. Working in a bar and serving different people he would not have it any other way. However, he does miss his little sister Rinkage due to him moving out after passing High school. Kyuzo does write to her every month and is happy when he gets a response. Kyuzo is normally found in his bar serving customers.

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Kyuzo Mamoru
Kyuzo Mamoru

Posts : 303
Join date : 2013-07-03
Age : 28
Location : Seken, where else? Yosh!

Character sheet
Health: 125
Skill: 80
Money: --

PostSubject: Re: Mamoru, Kyuzo   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:47 am

I dub myself approved! XD Yosh!
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Mamoru, Kyuzo
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