Lost World of Seken

Have fun in being a ninja, demon, and so much more! Live anyway you want and make a future in order to survive!
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 Quinn, Madara

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PostSubject: Quinn, Madara    Quinn, Madara  I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 2:53 pm

Lost World of Seken


Name: Madara Quinn
Quinn, Madara  Tumblr_mp2ipt66rD1ri2kwbo1_500

Race: Eternal
Age: Appears 19-20, though is much older than +500 years old. Actually he is 995.
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Lion Tamer.
Sexual Orientation: Madara's interest is not known, though he doesn't want to be alone.
Occupation: Writer/ Artist. Chemist/ Scientist. Tutor for students. Residental Guard.

Student or Resident: Resident


Eye Color: Dull Lavender
Hair Color: White
Hair Style(s): Short in back but faintly long in face.
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'10
Weight: 142 pounds.
Marking(s): N/A
Attire: The kind of attire that fit hims, very professional and easy to move in. Long guard like suits and outfits. Though, he is a guard he doesn't get paid for it due to him always wanting to help out others. It looks to be that he appears like a soldier but is known under the forces of the Royal Guard. Madara tends to never change his clothes due to him finding pride in them, though he can change his clothes. Actually, he is picky in what he wears and so it may take a long time for him to choose simple clothes.


Personality: Madara is a distan fellow with a dull sense of humor, though he does like to talk to people and he wants to be of service to everyone. Never does he believe in leaving people behind and so tries to help out everyone. A kind guy as well as a silent one, he can put up a good word of advice if someone is troubled. Madara is also a hard worker and likes to learn new things, which is why he has so many job interests. Sweet to friends and compassionate to allies. Madara is a kind guy and sees nothing wrong in being nice almost all of the time. Though, he is more quiet than he is a talker.
Talent(s): Cooking, Art, and fixing small toys.
Habit(s): Is quiet almost all of the time, can get a bit snappy to certain people who push him the wrong way.
Like(s): Reading, making things with his hands, helping others, and cooking.
Dislike(s): Rude people, seeing anything or anyone getting hurt.
Fear(s): Being alone.

Preference(s): Madara is kind of picky in his choices of partners, though if they are kind and have a open mind would he see nothing wrong in dating them.
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unskilled
Status: Single


Fighting Style(s): Hand to hand combat.

Weapon Type: Twin daggers
Secondary Weapon: Gas bombs
Armor/ Defense Attire: N/A

Element: Light

Special Ability: Can summon a lion of light which then charges at a foe or target. Limited time use. Must charge.

Luggage: Travel Bag. Is on his back. One strapped.


Guardian(s): Not known. He doesn't like to talk about them.
Sibling(s): Is known he had a little brother who has disappeared in a missing plane. Still in search of him, kind of. Alexander Quinn, known age 15.
Hometown: Germany
Birthdate: April the 3rd.

History: Once in a lifetime, due things appear to perfect. That was how it was like for Madara who was with his brother a very long time ago. Alexander wanted to go to a different country and state and so left in a plane. Madara could only pray he got there safely only then to find out his plane had disappeared. Not knowing what to do, did he try his best to find out what happened to his brother. No clues were given. Sadly, Madara continued living on in hopes of seeing his brother again someday. Not knowing was hard but what could he do?

No one knows much of Madara's parents, but it was such a heartbreaking thing he doesn't want to share it with anyone including himself. Things happened to him quite negatively but he still continues on with his head held high. Some people wonder about him but never question him. Luck was on his side, for he is going on to 1,000 now. What will he do now? No one knows, all that they do know is that he will live on.

Germany was his home, he however left it due to him wanting to better himself. He grew up and was glad for it. All of his choices were to better himself and so he has.
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Kyuzo Mamoru
Kyuzo Mamoru

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PostSubject: Re: Quinn, Madara    Quinn, Madara  I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 3:25 pm

XD Yosh, Approved! You know I am glad my friends are coming on!
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Quinn, Madara
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