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Have fun in being a ninja, demon, and so much more! Live anyway you want and make a future in order to survive!
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 Shayde, Lucien

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PostSubject: Shayde, Lucien   Shayde, Lucien I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 7:18 pm

Lost World of Seken


Name: Lucien Shayde

Shayde, Lucien D012_Sephiroth_CG

Race: Dark Angel w/ One Wing.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Platinum to Silver.
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Occupation: Veteran Soldier/ Rogue. Other jobs are unknown.

Student or Resident: Unknown.


Eye Color: Teal mixed with bright green. When angered does his eyes glow green. Slitted pupils which are mentioned to be black.
Hair Color: Platnium Silver. Can be viewed as grey. When wet is it silver and cold to the touch with a smooth effect.
Hair Style(s): Always has it been straight. The length of his hair is long and fits his height. His hair passes his waist and hindquarters and has always been this length. Though, when he was younger was it shorter.
Skin Tone: A compromise between Cream and Pale
Height: 6' 6.5
Weight: Unknown, though doesn't look to weigh alot. Then again, looks can be a lie. '210 pounds.'
Marking(s): Lucien holds scars of his past battles. These scars are long and indicate that he has been attacked by swords to guns. Faint bullet prints are left on his shoulders and lower back, while the rest of his chest and stomach are covered in long slashes. Slight scars of bullet dents are on his legs both front and back. These scars were a long time ago, and they are healing. Slowly but surely.
Attire: Black attire fitting a veteran soldier during the age of war. The above picture was when he was younger, very much younger than he is now. His age is unknown here as well, however people estimate that he was the same age as a sixteen year old who was 5'7 and weighed a little over one hundred and thirty pounds. This attire was when he was in the war at a young age. However, the attire he is wearing now is older much like himself and has been known to wear this attire always though he can change it up when he wants too. Long black coat with X strings over his chest which indicates he wears no shirt under his coats and his coat isn't a button up but more like a shirt/ coat. Armor plates are on his shoulders as well as boots. Black combat slacks cover his long legs which also prove to be strong and can easily bound up high with little to no effort. Due to his training, he wears training attire which is weighted. Black slick gloves cover his hands, when he attacks a foe does his one wing of black appear giving him a slight boost in flight or actually he floats though he can fly. Lucien does tend to float around more than he flies, though if he needed to he could fly anywhere he wanted though chooses not too. The attire of combat fits him well, though when he trains does he end up shirtless which thus shows off his many scars in battle.

Everyday attire is simple and fit him well due to his long lean frame. Broad shoulders, trim stomach, to muscled arms and chest. Long sleeve shirts and black jeans fits him when he isn't doing anything fun or interesting. Normal coats fit him as well which only button up or zip up. Hoods do nothing for him. Lucien will never wear his simple clothes twice and so his fashion has been known to change, much like everything else that he wears. Also, he wears charms of many colors on him as well.


Personality: Lucien is a calm character who has a mysterious air about him, he is quiet and at times is he a thinker. A man like this has been made to show confidence and that is all, though he can be a little humorous and playful when he meets the right someone. A man who tends to speak his mind, will he speak it without regret. A character like this comes only once in a lifetime and so it is best to see him often. Besides, the training aura and quietness behind him can he also show sides of him which are interesting and if not well liked. Flirtatious to some who he finds interesting and a bit of a guy who shows feelings more through his eyes can he be somewhat easy to read. But of course, he wants you to read him if he can trust you. A careless guy on some days and a solid stone on other days can he be a trip. Lucien believes in telling the truth and never lies, though he has been known to lie to people who he dislikes.

Most speak of his maturity and a masculine voice, some tend to look up to him. Especially, the other soldiers look up to him.
Talent(s): Flexible, Flight, Tolerance, Multi-tasker, Trained warrior in a battlefield, to generally a well trained guy all around. He knows his skills and will use them regularly.
Habit(s): Blunt, Stubborn, Careless, and kinda of distant. If some can overlook this can he be a good partner and friend. Kind of.
Like(s): Training, Speaking his mind, Being negative, Certain music, Reading the News Article. Lucien also partakes in Basketball and likes expressing himself.
Dislike(s): To innocent of people, People who back-talk him, Being ignored, and certain foods to animals. Foods being to bland. Animals being birds to snakes. Children are also a dislike, if they are brats to crybabies will he have nothing to do with them.
Fear(s): Being defeated by people who have wrong intentions, and being viewed on as someone who is to caring.

Preference(s): Unknown is this subject. Though, some speak of him being with people who enjoy him and what he made himself to be. Lucien also likes those who are quite decent and if not pretty, though he is more interesting in their feelings than any parts of their body. Not much of a cuddly guy, though he can be selfish and viewed on as someone who is easy to make jealous.
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unknown
Status: To what we know, Single.


Fighting Style(s): Trained in the art of being a soldier, can defend himself well with his hands. Sword Art.

Weapon Type: Sword
Secondary Weapon: His training as a soldier.
Armor/ Defense Attire: Armor plates on his shoulders and boots.

Element:  Darkness

Special Ability: Unknown, though it is said he summons a power from deep within himself which then he lets go. Hopefully, no one will get to see this power...

Luggage: Unknown, though he does keep his items on him on his body or clothes.


Guardian(s): Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Birthdate: Lucien speaks of being born during the fall season.

History: The sound of explosions in the distance, cries of people, and loud bangs through weapons known as guns was there a war going on. Many died during this war, though the soul survivor was a young boy of the age of sixteen. Enrolling in the war at a young age was normal, actually it was common. Many died for what they believed in, and so one hopes that they did not die in vain. The young man was looked up to and many sought him out to join their forces. Lucien was a quiet boy, most of his past was not known and no one else knew. Some didn't question this however, they actually just let him be and requested his services. For many years this boy grew up to be a man and a strong soldier, not knowing his actual age did he guess he was a adult. Due to his training, was he not meant to show any feeling. This was what he was taught. The war had ended and the side which held Lucien on their side, won. Since he was such a good warrior did they set him free. Not knowing what to do has he made a place here in hopes of finding out on what he should do.

A warrior at birth, and a hero by name.
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PostSubject: Re: Shayde, Lucien   Shayde, Lucien I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 8:07 pm

Gotta say, I love it and the pitcure! Approved! Yosh!

Shayde, Lucien Shizuo_render_by_asmodeusxander-d521xje

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Shayde, Lucien
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