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Have fun in being a ninja, demon, and so much more! Live anyway you want and make a future in order to survive!
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 Rothchild, Aster

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Aster A. Rothchild

Aster A. Rothchild

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PostSubject: Rothchild, Aster   Rothchild, Aster I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 04, 2013 9:32 pm

Lost World of Seken


Name: Aster Ascott Rothchild

Rothchild, Aster Tumblr_static_tumblr_mhfvqwwdyp1rx8f0yo1_500

Race: Chevalier, a close relation to a blood sucking demon.
Age: Aster's age is beyond 500 years. (500+)
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Wrath. (This is what he use to be called as a child.)
Sexual Orientation: Aster is indeed bisexual. (Male/ Female). However, he looks for a personality that is rather submissive in both genders.
Occupation: He needs no job, he is indeed a rich man. Though, he took it away from his family.

Student or Resident: Resident


Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style(s): Very elegant and slicked back. Aster like's his hair being slicked back with one bang in his face.
Skin Tone: Normal Tone of peach with a hint of tan.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 115-125 pounds
Marking(s): Aster doesn't really have any scars on his body, however he does have a small scar in the center of his chest.


Very expensive clothes that bring out his value and his position within his family tree. Never would he think of wearing something so dirty or unsightly. He enjoys silk like clothing better than any other kind of clothing out there. Aster's clothes are indeed silk made and each time he wears his clothes can one see that it is silk. Of course he wears the slik clothing only when he is turning in for the night. Other bits of his attire are simply white colored tops and jackets with black jeans to white jeans. Aster of course adores white colors but he also has a love for dark colors like black for instance. Usually, when one sees him will they see the colors of white to black mainly on him and nothing more. Though, he can wear grey and tends to wear it often on his decent days at his estate. The main parts of his attire are always clothing with the high collars which are mainly white with black trimming. This of course is a jacket but he wears it! Man, this guy's taste for clothing never seems to fail or change. This of course leads him to also wear clothing that is a bit to showy.


Personality: Aster is a man who has a high taste standard. His choices of clothing and food are also the same for his standards are always high and never do they lower. Adoring submissive males and females, this guy is quite a character for the simple weak and innocent. Aster does indeed like arts of the highest class and he enjoys reading books that are rather complicated. Sort of, he pretends to read it! (Weirdo. XD)

Commonly known to pretend to listen to everything, he acts like he hears you when he really doesn't. Around his allies he is calm and collected as well as smug smart. To foes he is a cold hearted man with a loving to see them suffer. Aster is picky about his allies but not at all picky with his foes. To him foes are bugs and his allies are something useful that he can actually use. Never would he think them as friends, but he is more friendly to you if you were his ally. Not much of a lover for kids, he tends to keep his distance away from them. Around animals, he is the same way sort of. (XD) This guy also has a kind side, but you have to be very close to him to actually see it.

Calm, cool, collected, controling, sarcastic, and handsome. This man puts all the lower class men in their place. (XD) Sometimes. Aster is of course mysterious, the kind of mysterious where he will stand infront of a window for a long period of time. Usually he is also silent and tends to be a good kind of bully. He may push you down the stairs to get a good laugh. Seductive is his middle name, he will use his charm both with money and good looks to get you in his trap. That of course is uncertain for it is clear that he wants to tease you to death. This can lead to other things which I will not say! You have to see him in action to actually get anything out of him!

Talent(s): Good in art and being a good teacher in combat. Learning from him however is not cheap.
Habit(s): Aster does not like to be told what to do, he snaps. Has been known to throw stuff in the floor if made mad enough.
Like(s): Art, fine pictures, very good meals, submissive men to women. Money. Silk is probably his highest like for he loves to sleep in silk

Dislike(s): Lower men who don't know their place. Others trying to control him. Someone bad talking about art of any kind.

Fear(s): Aster has said to not fear anything, however he does fear being controlled or fears becoming weak to other people.

Preference(s): One simple thing turns this man on. Submissive. It is a known fact that this guy sort of acts like a dog who is alpha to all the other lower class people and men. (XD) Man, he is a grinch!

Skilled/ Unskilled: Skilled to the baddest setting

Status: Single


Fighting Style(s):

Weapon Type: Sword
Secondary Weapon: Hands
Armor/ Defense Attire: None

Element: Darkness

Special Ability: Aster does have a special ability, the kind of power has been said to be stunning. Last resort, has been known to use it on weaker people if they disobey him. If he is made mad enough will he use it, the target stays stunned for only a short while. At most ten seconds.

Luggage: Aster has no bags to carry, however he carries a lot of stuff in the top part of his shirt.


Guardian(s): Both are deceased.
Sibling(s): Helga (Younger sister, deceased), Zane (Older brother), Aurther (Younger brother). All deceased.
Hometown: Italy
Birthdate: October 1st

History: Pouring rains. Howling winds. Cries from people in despair, death of loved ones. Hatred. Fire of large amounts. Gushing of tears. Shaking in terror.

Aster was the second oldest child if you might already know. Growing up, he was looked down upon from his older brother. It was uncertain when the events took hold. It was surely a rapid time.

"Zane said you broke his vase of high value. Is this true?"
"Yeah. It is true, why is he making a fuss about it. It is just glass"
"That vase was a family tradition and you broke it!"
"Heh, like I said just glass"
"You useless brat!"


Thunder roared outside. Fire ablazed in brown eyes. Being in a Chevalier family was surely hard. To make one into a Chevalier, one of the highest position must bite a mortal and transfer blood. Who ever was lower could not transfer.

"Aster, you need to be careful. Father is still upset."
"Do not worry, Helga. He can't hit me anymore."
"What are you saying. He hit you just a little while ago didn't he?"
"Shut up."

Helga's eyes lowered as tears began to surface. Looking to his little sister, his expression was cleatly unmoved. He wanted to be leader of this family. He wanted the power.

Helga was only 10 years of age, Aurther was only 9 years of age. Aster didn't hate them, he always snapped at him due to his family always hating on him for some unknown reason. It was probably how he acted toward them.

Alikaid wept in her hands, within the kitchen she could not stop her cries. Zane entered the kitchen after hearing his mother's cries. Zane looked confused as he looked on his mother's brand new blouse. Blood was there.

"Mother, your bleeding!"
"I-I know...!"
"What happened!"

Zane blinked for at that moment he saw his little brother standing there with a blood hand.

"Why is she bleeding! What did you do!"
"She got mad at me for not doing the chores so I lashed at her."
"You hurt mother!"

Zane's yells brought attention from within the manor. Falcon of course heard it and was the first to enter in the kitchen. A awkward silence fell within the room. Zane was looking at his brother with such rage. Falcon was also doing the same thing. Zane was five years older than Aster. To Chevalier standards, one age was different from the rest and even more so. The family were outraged to Aster's behavior that they kept him locked up into his room. For one hundred years was he locked up within that room. Aster was now a adult when they opened the door. It was Zane.

"So, are you going to apologize?"
Aster had his back turned to his older brother, he was sitting in a black leather computer chair. The many different future cars flew by his window. The year was indeed advanced.
"For what?"
"You know very well what it is!"
"I do?"

Zane grabbed hold of the chair and flew it around to see Aster in the face. Both eyes met. Rage met with equal rage.

"You hurt mother...no you killed her!"
"How so?"
"You stabbed her with your hand didn't you?"

Zane's eyes grew wide as Aster's hand grabbed Zane's throat. Right away their positions changed and Aster was above his choking older brother.



Chevalier could never die, unless you knew the trick. Aster knew the trick.

Before to long many things began to happen. The manor was then found in flames. Many people could not understand why the manor went up in flames but it was easy to say who did it. Aster left from his burning house that day with a new smirk upon his face. He was now head of the Rothchild family. The money was the only thing that he needed. Right away the storm rose rather quickly again. The day was so dark that no one could see that Aster was moved away from where he was from. Kuroi then proved to be his new home, he wasn't all that panicked but he took great pride in coming here and making a new start for himself as the head of the Rothchild family and fortune.
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Kyuzo Mamoru
Kyuzo Mamoru

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PostSubject: Re: Rothchild, Aster   Rothchild, Aster I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 04, 2013 9:33 pm

XD Yosh! I love ya man! Bah!~ Approved!

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Rothchild, Aster
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